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Good Morning Students,

I am so pleased to announce that I will without a shadow of a doubt be with you all for the remainder of the season.

After much deliberation and paperwork, it’s time to get back to work.

A quick note… PLEASE take a moment to send a thank you to Coach Pontarelli for working with you in my absence; you all have no idea how hard he works to keep you all on track.

With that being said let’s get to work.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day so make sure you are prepared to go during your time slot.

I will need to see Quinn for his work in POE and the ENTIRE DDA squad… Like I said it’s going to be a long one espically because there are two scenes that I have not had the opportunity to work with.

Please fill yourself in for a time slot:







I know this is an hour longer than we usually get into, but it is necessary for  us to catch up.

Thank you and as always feel free to contact me with any questions.

ONCE AGAIN… Please comment to secure your time slot.


Coach El-Kareh

12 Responses to “El-Kareh: Dec 7-11”

  1. Sruthi Rameshkumar says:

    Sruthi & Zach (DDA): 4:00-4:35 please! Thank you!

  2. Sydney says:


  3. Bryson and Apurva says:

    4:35-5:05 please, thanks

  4. Daniel Speckels says:

    Danny and Virginia (DDA): 4:35-5:05 please! Thank you!

  5. Sydney says:


  6. Bryson and Apurva (DDA) says:

    5:40-6:15 please, thanks

  7. Bryson and Apurva (DDA) says:

    My bad it didn’t show up before but if we can get the earlier time slot that would be great, thanks

  8. Sydney Karbonik says:

    Sydney and Chloe 540-615

  9. Apurva Chaturvedi says:

    Apurva and Bryson- 6:15-6:45 Please! Thanks!

  10. Sruthi Rameshkumar says:

    Hello Mr. El-Kareh!

    Sorry for the confusion with the comments. DDA was having trouble getting their comments to load/post earlier. Here are the final times!

    4:00-4:35 – Sruthi & Zach (DDA)
    4:35-5:05 – Danny & Virginia (DDA)
    5:40-6:15 – Chloe & Sydney (DDA)
    6:15-6:45 – Apurva & Bryson (DDA)
    6:45-7:15 –

  11. Tanous El-Kareh says:

    Thank you Sruthi and all of DDA! Let’s put in some work!

  12. Shreya Sridhara says:

    Hello! Quinn told me I should meet with you instead of him this week. So I will be there from 6:45-7:15!
    Thank you!