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Monthly Archive for February, 2017

Links to Videos of the Sectional Team

Here are the videos from the Sectional run-through. These videos are only for your personal use, to send to family and friends. They are not listed in the YouTube directory and you can only watch them if you have the links. I ask that you don’t submit them to other “speech” websites. (You know what […]

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Pontarelli: Feb. 13-16

  Because I have musical callbacks this week, I will be meeting with people during 3rd period.  Please meet me at the start of the period in room B119.  Bring all necessary materials like you would for an after school practice. I need to meet with the following this week: Dillon (HI/DI) Zach (OC/SOS) Tejas/Diti (DDA) […]

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Information for Sectionals!

Here is the information you need for Sectionals! The tournament is at Downers Grove South. Bus leaves at 6:30a. Be there early! We should be back by 8:00p.

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Mehta: Feb 6 – 10

I’m seeing the following people! Diti/Tejas (DDA) – 1 hour Dillon (DI) – 1 hour Alex S. (Imp/Ext) – 1 hour Amrit/Alex W. (HDA) – 1 hour Dillon (HI) – 2 hours Archit (Info) – 1 hour Zach (OC) – 1 hour Emily (Dec) – 1 hour Megan (OO) – 1 hour Diti (PR) – […]

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Possible Scholarship Information

For anyone interested, here’s a local speech contest with a $200 first prize (and possibly more). I’m just the messenger. I don’t have any additional information.

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Important Information for Regionals!

1) The Regional run-through will take place on Thursday after school in the Main Forum room (C202) 2) You should arrive at the Birkett Center by 6:30a on Saturday. Because we have to clean up afterwards, don’t expect to be finished until 8:00p. 3) Please bring the following to the tournament. (This is a different […]

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