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Revised Plan for Friday

Because you have no school on Thursday…

Here’s the revised plan for Friday:

  • Practice on your own! That should be obvious. To Kelsey and Joy, feel free to send me your revised scripts. To everyone on the Regional team, email me if you have any questions about your script(s).
  • There will be no Regional Runthrough this week.
  • PIR will rehearse Friday in the Gold Building.
  • Everyone else on the team is expected to be at the Gold Building (in the Forum Room) at 3:00p on Friday afternoon. We will need your help to get the rooms ready to go.
  • If anyone on the Regional Team wants me to see them before Saturday, I urge you to stick around Friday night after we’re done preparing for the tournament and I can work with you then.

Finally, to everyone competing at Regionals: I must have a few things from you on Friday. Here’s what I need:

DDA: The original script or the actual book!
DI: The book
ES: Nothing
HDA: Nothing
HI: Nothing
IS: Nothing
Info: The most revised script
Dec: Nothing
OC: The most revised script
OO: The most revised script
Poe: Nothing
PR: Nothing
RS: Nothing
SOS: The most revised script

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