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Information About State

Details about State are here. I need checks and signed forms by Tuesday.

For those leaving on Friday morning, please be ready to go in the auditorium lobby at 7:15a. You may want to bring about $60 for food along with any snacks you may want. We’ll go out to dinner as a team on Friday night, but the other meals will be up to you at (or nearby) the Peoria Civic Center. You can wear comfy clothes and change into Speech suits when you arrive in Peoria.

If you are invited but cannot come, please email Mehta ASAP.

List of invited team members:


Brendan M.
Kylie P.
Max C.
Aniruth S.
Prakash T.
Arneet G.
Sakshi R.
Divya I.
Grace L.
Ritika N.
Ria D.
Jonah L.
Shay S.
Emily L.
Elaine S.
Hope S.
Arya N.
Megan R.
Anna S.
Rishi C.
Madison Y.


Rathna K.
Disha L.
Erin A.
Khalid H.
Rishika G.
Ritesh M.
Sarojshree J.
Shruti P.
Trevor C.
Vedika R.
Michael A.
Rahul V.
Rohan R.
Yashas S.
Liza N.
Shreya P.
Henry S-Y.
Philip M.
Ivan P.
Angela S.
Zoya N.
Neha V.
Adithi V.
Sankar N.

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