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…and welcome to the “official” official start to the 2015-16 speech season. As you already know, I will be coaching Radio and Impromptu categories this season.

For this week, I am looking to meet with the entire category to assess what has been happening since the team was selected and arrange scheduling for the season. With that said, I am also the Tuesday afternoon speech coach this season (or at least until January, after Baby Mehta’s arrival and Coach Mehta returns). If Varsity Radio or Impromptu members have Tuesday afternoon conflicts, you will need to rearrange that effective starting the week of Nov. 2 as Tuesday afternoons will be my only coaching day. Under extreme circumstances that may be tweaked, but this is the plan for the season I intend to follow — a Tuesday coaching schedule 99% of the time.

For this week, Radio team will meet at 3:30 in Conference Room D205 on Monday, 10/26; Impromptu team will meet at 3:30 in Conference Room D205 on Tuesday, 10/27. If the two categories would like to switch, that is fine by me.

Surbhi and Hailey — I need to hear and watch the novice members perform a radio broadcast as well as have the Impromptu speakers prep a topic and perform during this week’s rehearsals.

See you next week.

3:30-4:30-ish – Radio team

3:30-4:30-ish – Impromptu team

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