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Good Morning and Hello!

My name is Mr. El-Kareh (El-CAR-REE) and I am your new Associate Speech Coach for this 2015-2016 Season! I will be handling the DDA and POE categories  and I cannot wait to get started with you all. I have a terrific first day planned for us tomorrow that will include time for us to handle introductions in person.

With that being said… lets get started. First a quick reminder for you all to bring your pieces as well as a hard copy for me to look at and mark up; I have no idea what your pieces are at this point so please help a guy out will ya? I will of course send out my thoughts in regards to your selections as soon as I have had ample time to give them a once over. Also, for those in DDA please come prepared to discuss your pieces with me… think of it as a pitch! I am not only looking for your take on it as individuals/partners, but how you believe the piece will continue to challenge you as the season moves along. For those of you in POE please be ready to hand me a list of poets that speak to you on a personal level; if you do not have any yet that is fine too! Just come ready to discuss what compels you to use the words of another to piece together an often delicate story.

MONDAY will be my only day during the week in which I will be seeing students and tomorrow is an ALL CALL… meaning that all of DDA and POE must be present during the FOLLOWING call times. If for some reason you cannot be there please contact you category leader and they will notify me via email. The schedule is as follows…


DDA: 4:00-4:40

POE: 4:45-5:15

Thank you all!

P.S: I will be out of town on November 2nd so I will adjust the schedule for the following week!


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