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Important Things!

To everyone who missed today’s meeting, here’s the big information you need:

1) Congrats on making the team! We’re so excited! If you realize you can’t handle the commitment, please talk to a coach ASAP.

2) You should all have scripts (acting/reading) or speech topics/outlines (writing) by the end of this week. By the end of next week, you should be memorized (acting/reading) or have a draft written (writing).

3) There will be no team meeting next week. We’ll meet again as a group after school on Monday, Oct. 20.

4) Important upcoming dates!

  • Sat. Oct. 25, 12:00-3:00p Mock Tournament!
  • Tues. Oct. 28, 6:00-7:00p Parent information night!
  • Sat. Nov. 1, ALL DAY! First Tournament!

5) Make sure you talk to your category leader about when you’re meeting as a group and when you have your individual rehearsals!

6) If you didn’t give us your forms/check, please get them to Coach La Scola ASAP.

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