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Announcements Jan 25-29

First off, I wanted to take the time to update you all on the situation with my mother, which is why I have been missing rehearsals lately.  For the last year, she has been battling stage IV cancer, taking agressive chemo therapy and radiation. The week before last, she found out that there’s nothing else that the doctors can do. They gave her about six months. For me, this puts everything in perspective, as I hope it will for you. In life, there are so many more things that can affect us – things more important than the disappointment you may feel on a Saturday when you don’t perform to your expectations.  As my former coach used to say:  if not placing in a final round is the worst thing that has happened to you, consider yourself truly blessed.

I want to send my gratitude and love to the teams of Glenbard West and Wheaton Warrenville South, who gave their donations to the American Cancer Society in honor of my mother.

This week, you all showed yet again how wonderfully dedicated and successful you are.  The babies went out on a weekend they were supposed to have off, to help support our sister school of Metea Valley. The varsity members spent a gruling and excruciatingly long weekend at a two-day tournament, and they were so supportive to those who broke to semis and finals. I’m so proud of you all.

More than anything, I hope that as our season is winding down, you take the time to appreciate and thank those who have helped you during this season. Whether it was an upperclassman, a coach, a friend, or a family member, remember those around you who make your success possible. But most of all, take care of  yourself. You may win trophies that will sit on your shelves collecting dust in years to come (that is, if they don’t end up in the trash or a box in the garage), but I promise you the family you have and the family you make here, will stay with you.

So here is to putting in the last ounces of effort in this week before conference. For some of you, it will be your final rehearsal of the season. For others, it’s your last week of speech that you may have for the rest of your career. For all of you, I hope that you take the time to have fun, get ready independently, and prepare for this last week of competition before post season.

Mama C

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