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Make sure you check out this week’s category meeting goals! (Now working!)

Also, read the schematic for this week’s rehearsals.

Additional information from Carreno:

1) Be sure to read the schematic. The number of rehearsals you have and the person you’re rehearsing with may have changed this week!

2) Those who are not attending next week’s tournament due to conflict are not getting a rehearsal this week. This is not a punishment; rather, the coaches are busy trying to get others ready who are going.

11 Responses to “Category Meeting Goals and Additional Info”

  1. Shannon Ho says:

    Hey I can’t open the category meeting goals!

  2. Abby Hanneman says:


  3. Brooke Schuster says:

    The category meeting goals do not work for me either!

  4. Armita Manafzadeh says:

    Me either?

  5. Sruthi Rao says:

    Neither can I…?

  6. Henna Ismail says:

    Yea I’m not able to view this or the wildchat…it just shows up as error

  7. Samantha De Carlo says:

    Are the set catagory rehearsal times posted?

  8. Mehta says:

    The goals are now working.

    Category rehearsal times were sent out via email…

  9. Malavica Sridhar says:

    How do I get in touch with Kimberly Liu? I haven’t seen her yet, so I don’t know her contact info…

  10. Hannah Wong says:

    Does anyone know when Poetry category meets this week for rehearsal? I’m not receieving the times..

  11. Jessica Wang says:

    I dont think I’m on the email list, can i get added?