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The team has been posted here!

Congratulations to everyone who made it and many thanks to the more than 115 of you who tried out. It’s never easy choosing from so many of you (especially when there’s a limit to how many we can take), and if you didn’t make it, we hope you will consider trying out again next year. We unfortunately had to make a lot of difficult cuts!

Due to the high level of interest, coaches will NOT be available to discuss your auditions on an individual basis.

To those who made it, three things:

1) The first team meeting for NEW MEMBERS ONLY (“Novices”) is MONDAY afternoon at 2:45p in room B223. This meeting is mandatory and will last until about 6:00p. If there are any problems with attending, you *must* contact Mr. Mehta. (The first full team meeting for everybody, including Varsity members, will be Monday, Sep. 18 after school.)

2) You and your parents must read this packet, sign the appropriate forms, and pay the Activity Fee (see below)! You will not be allowed to enter the room on Monday, September 18 without these items.

3) I need you to pay the Activity Fee for Speech. The instructions are below:

– Log on to http://www.pushcoin.com
– Select the webstore
– Click on the activity (2023-24 Neuqua Valley – Speech Team)
– Add it to the wallet
– Pay via credit card or e-check

4) Please join Google Classroom (class code: 5pogqn3) so we can send you reminders/alerts in the stream.

Thanks for your cooperation and congratulations to everyone!

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