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Hey guys! I want to check in with the Prose and Poetry novices to see how things are going and to get to know you. Oratory don’t need to meet with me as you are meeting with Mehta this week.

Varsity members can also sign up to meet with me, but don’t have to just yet.

I will be here after school next Thursday 10/5. Please sign up for a time slot with your name and event by contacting me through email: tegan_mcquaid@ipsd.org

Thursday 10/5


3:00- Sakshi Rane (Poe)


3:30- Vedika Ranjan (PR)

3:45- Amy Worley (PR)







5:30- Disha Lalit

5:45- Kenzie Alberts (PR)


5 Responses to “Prose and Poetry Novices, meet with me NEXT Thursday 10/5”

  1. Amy Worley says:

    Prose Novice Meeting
    I can do 3:45

  2. Vedika Ranjan says:

    Prose Novice Meeting
    I can meet at 3:30

  3. Kenzie Alberts says:

    Prose Novice Meeting
    I can meet at 3:45

  4. Amy Worley says:

    Sorry, I can do 4 instead so Kenzie can at 3:45

  5. Tegan McQuaid says:

    Hey Amy, I think that Kenzie wanted to sign up for 5:45, at least that’s what she sent me in an email. So you can still have 3:45.