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Brewster: Jan 16-20

What fun we all had at our respective tournament.

We go into our final stretch of the season. This weekend will be DGS two day, what excitement, what joy.

Remember to check all coaches posts, some of you will be meeting with different people.

Please bring a fresh and updated copy of your script! Typed into a word document for ease of editing and ease of future use. And all critiques, DO NOT FORGET YOUR CRITIQUES.

This week it would brighten my day to see:

Zach Honer (OC) – 1 slot

Dillon Tartaglia (HI) – 1 slot

Eli and Zachery Wong (HDA) – 1 slot

Amrit Mann and Alex Warner (HDA) – 1 slot

Roshni Koul (RS) – 1 slot


3:00-4:00pm –


3:00-4:00pm –




3:00-4:00pm –

3 Responses to “Brewster: Jan 16-20”

  1. Roshni Koul says:

    Thursday 3-4 please! (PS Friday is DGS)

  2. Alex Warner says:

    Tuesday 3-4 for Amrit and I please!

  3. Eli Au Buchon says:

    Wednesday 3-4 for Zach and me please.