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It should have snowed by now. I’m not sure why it hasn’t.

Neuqua’s Tournament is this weekend. Pay attention to the modified schedule. AND DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR ASSIGNED FOOD.

Please bring a fresh and updated copy of your script! Typed into a word document for ease of editing and ease of future use. And all critiques, DO NOT FORGET YOUR CRITIQUES.

This delightful week I would enjoy to seeing:

Zach Honer (OC) – 1 slot
Zachery Wong (OC) – 1 slot
Selena Grover (POE) – 1 slot
Aleena Rehman (POE) – 1 slot
Alex Warner and Amrit Maan (HDA) – 1 slot
Danny Speckels and Evan Morales (HDA) – 1 slot


3:00-3:30pm –
3:30-4:00pm –
4:00-4:30pm –
4:30-5:00pm –
5:00-5:30pm –
5:30-6:00pm –


Tournament Prep

3 Responses to “Brewster: Nov 28 – Dec 2”

  1. Danny Speckels says:

    3-3:30 for me and Evan please!

  2. Selena Grover says:

    3:30-4 please!

  3. Aleena rehman says:

    4 to 4:30 please!