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The team has been posted here!

Congratulations to everyone who made it and many thanks to the nearly-120 of you who tried out. It’s never easy choosing from so many of you, and if you didn’t make it, we hope you will consider trying out again next year. We unfortunately had to make a lot of difficult cuts!

To those who made it, four things:

1) Our first meeting is Wednesday afternoon at 3:00p in D219. This meeting is mandatory and will last about an hour — if there are any problems with attending, you *must* contact Mr. Mehta and your Category Leader.

2) We need to make sure you are registered on this website so you can eventually sign up for rehearsal times. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post using your real name and your regular email address. (You don’t need to fill in the website line.) Just say hello and I’ll approve you ASAP.

3) You and your parents must read this packet, sign the appropriate forms, and bring the Activity Fee check to the Wednesday meeting! You will not be allowed to enter the room on Wednesday without these items.

4) If you are a Category Leader, please make plans to stay after the Wednesday meeting for a few minutes!

Thanks for your cooperation and congratulations to everyone!

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