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We’ll post more information on Neuqua’s speech camp soon, but for now, Akshay has a round-up of the various camps offered by Illinois colleges. No one is obligated to go to any of them, but they will certainly help you improve your skills if you’re interested!

Bradley University Summer Forensics Institute: This is a more expensive option but also offers much more specialized training in one category over a two-week period of time. Many returning team members have experience here. Ask them for more information! The camp runs July 10 – 23 (or you can go for a week).

Illinois State University: The only current members of our team who have been to ISU’s camp are Jonathan K. (in Extemp) and Virginia G. (in DI) — feel free to ask them questions about it. The camp runs July 17 – 29 (or you can go for a week). Note that this camp and Bradley’s camp overlap, so you could NOT do both unless you’re some sort of wizard.

Northern Illinois University’s Speech Camp: While Neuqua hasn’t had students attend this camp, our friends from Metea say that it’s a really strong (and cheaper) option. If you’re interested, the captains can put you in touch with Metea students who have attended. This camp runs June 19 – 24 and does not overlap with any of the other camps, so you could technically go to this camp and one of the others (if you really wanted to).

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