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Congratulations are in order! For all of you who are making strides with your pieces and continuing to deepen your understanding of the text, we as coaches salute you.

With that being said let’s get down to buisness. The following weeks are crucial so let’s have you all prepared for some intense compepition.

Here is who I will need to see tomorrow. *Please note that all I ask is for you to respect the time slots as they are posted; arrive at least 5 minutes before you session.

Dillon and Quinn (HDA)
Akshay (DI)
Zach (OC)

Time slots:





We have had two wonderful weeks of rehearsals, let’s keep the streak going!

I will be in my usual room and comment below for a spot.


Coach El-Kareh


9 Responses to “Tomorrows rehearsal!”

  1. Alex Shura says:

    3:30-4:05 please

  2. Alex Shura says:

    Would you like me to meet once for extemp as well?

  3. Tanous El-Kareh says:

    We will cover both Alex.

  4. Janelle Finch says:

    Hi, I’m sorry did you mean to say you wanted to meet with me for Dec? If you intended to meet with Michaela that’s fine, I just wanted to clarify. Thank you!

  5. Archit Dhar says:

    4:05-4:40, please!

    Also, it appears that there are some incorrect names on the schedule.

  6. Tanous El-Kareh says:

    Everyone note that I have adjusted the schedule. This is the corrected list.

  7. Akshay Ravi says:

    3:30-4:15 please!

  8. Zach Honer says:

    4:15-5:00 please

  9. Quinn Brewer says:

    5:00 – 5:45 please