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This week we will be meeting on Monday to go over our material. I apologize for being unavailable last week, but I am back now and ready to see how the first tournament went!

As previously discussed my expectations are that the pieces are fully memorized and blocked out. I have some catching up to do with you all so we will be working fast.

This is who I will need to see:

4:00-4:25 Shreya Sridhara (POE)

4:28-5:05 Sydney and Chloe (DDA)

5:05-5:33 Alex Warner (POE)

5:35-6:05 Apurva and Bryson (DDA)

Thank you all very much!

Please make sure to email me for any further questions and make sure to CC the category leader.


5 Responses to “Rehearsal Week 3”

  1. Tanous El-Kareh says:

    Adjustment! I will be need to work with Quinn in place of Alex this week! Thank you!

  2. Apurva Chaturvedi says:

    Unfortunately this Monday I will not be able to practice due to some family conflict. Is it possible to reschedule?
    Please let me know as soon as you can.

  3. Apurva Chaturvedi says:

    Unfortunately, due to some family conflict, I will not be able to practice this Monday. Is it possible to reschedule?
    Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks.

  4. Amrit Maan says:

    My name is Amrit and I am in Poetry. I haven’t met you yet, is that okay? I am a novice, but Shreya is a novice to Poetry so I’m not sure if we should meet this week or sometime soon.

  5. Tanous El-Kareh says:

    Alright folks… Because I have recorded several emails and notes about family conflicts I am going to be adjusting the schedule. Please note that I understand the need to reschedule, because I myself had to last week. However, with that being said it is impossible for me to work with you if you are unable to make time in your schedule on Mondays. I hope this is both the first and last time I will have to repeat myself? Thank you and with that being said… This is today’s new schedule with reassigned times.

    4:00-4:25: Amrit
    4:28-5:15: Sruthi and Zach
    5:18-6:00: Quinn

    Thank you!