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All students are required to bring food and drink items for our tournament on Saturday morning! What should you get?

Please bring the following, according to your last name:

Last Names A-F: a 12-pack of 16oz Gatorade.
Last Names G-N: a 24-pack of 12oz Pepsi or Diet Pepsi.
Last Names O-Z: a 24-pack of standard 16oz water.

In addition to those items, Category Leaders will also be required to bring the following:

DEC, OO, OC, PO, PR, RS, SOS: individually wrapped packages of candy that do NOT have peanuts/nuts. Things like M&Ms are perfect. (You can get them in big packs.)

DDA, DI, EXT, HI, HDA, IMP, INFO: individually packaged (lunch size) bundles of chips.

Want to bring even more food? We’ll take it!

Please bring items down to the café to Mr. Pontarelli first thing Saturday morning.

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