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Here is the information you need for Friday and Saturday!

Who’s going where?

The roster can be seen here. Please let me know if there are any problems/questions!

What time should you be at Neuqua?

DGS Friday: Bus leaves at 3:00p on Friday. (Everyone must be dressed and ready to go by then!) We’ll meet near the main building auditorium. Be there early!

DGS Saturday: Bus leaves at 6:30a on Saturday. Be there early!

NVHS Gold: No bus! Be at the Gold Building by 7:00a!

When will it end?

DGS Friday: We should be back by 10:00p.

DGS Saturday: We should be back by 6:00p.

NVHS Gold: We should be finished by 6:00p. (We’ll stick around a bit to help clean up)

Extemp and Radio?

DGS: There are preps for every round. RS has 45-minute preps but ES has 30 minute preps!

NVHS Gold: ES/RS will both prep once for prelims and once for finals.

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