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McVey 1/6-1/11

I will meet with the following students this week for one hour each – please let me know if you need a different time – I have no grad school this week so I am a little more flexible. Unless you have asked me – PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A LATER SPOT UNLESS THE PREVIOUS SPOT IS FILLED!

Katelyn Casey (OO)
Christie Jeung (OO)
Saurav (Info)
Pallavi (Info)
Kevin (Info)

Slot 1 – 3:45 PM:
Slot 2 – 4:45 PM: Saurav Patnaik???

Slot 1 – 3:45 PM: Kevin Hill
Slot 2 – 4:45 PM: Pallavi Sarup

Slot 1 – 3:45 PM: Christie Jeung
Slot 2 – 4:45 PM: Katelyn Casey

~ McVey

9 Responses to “McVey 1/6-1/11”

  1. Kevin says:

    Wednesday at 3:45 please!

  2. Christie says:

    Thursday 3:45

  3. Katelyn Casey says:

    Monday: 3:45 please!!

  4. Katelyn Casey says:

    I mean thursday at 4:45

  5. Pallavi Sarup says:

    Wednesday at 4:45 please!

  6. Saurav Patnaik says:

    Tuesday 4:45

  7. Saurav Patnaik says:

    Oh, wait. Can anyone later in the week switch with me? The time I signed up for is clashing with HDA rehearsals for me.

  8. McVey says:

    Can you meet Thursday at 5:45?

  9. McVey says:

    If not – I need to know if you can meet today – I don’t want to drive over to Neuqua if you can’t practice – not to mention that you picked a later time with no one in front of you! HDA is more important because it is new – let me know what schedule options you have if Thursday won’t work….