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Here are the videos from the Sectional and State run-throughs. These videos are only for your personal use, to send to family and friends. They are not listed in the YouTube directory and you can only watch them if you have the links.

I ask that you don’t submit them to other “speech” websites. (You know what I mean…)


DDA — Julia Rabin and Kelsey Sante (3rd in State)
DI — Kelsey Sante (2nd in State)
ES — Abhishek Nigam
HDA — Myna Sharma and Danny Hess
HI — Ariana Beattie
IS — Lauren Kindstrand
OD — Joy Dhar
OC — Atlas Brewster
OO — Christie Jeung
Poe — Aaron Gatdula
PR — Julia Rabin
RS — Stephanie Sommers
SOS — Kaveri Sharma (2nd in State)
Performance in the Round

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