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La Scola – Week of Nov. 28-Dec. 2

  • Bring your critiques from Thornton.
  • Remember, Friday, Dec. 2 is the setup for the Neuqua Invite, which will take several hours after school, therefore there will be no rehearsals Friday afternoon.

Kaveri (2)
Joy (1)
Ariana  (1)
Emily (1)
Meha (1)
Zi-Yi (1)
Ani (during 8th period on Mon,. 11/28. Meet in room B135)
Avery (6th period on Tues., 11/29. Meet in B119)
Abhishek (6th period on Wed., 11/30. Meet in room B119)
Abby (5th period on Th., 12/1. Meet in B119)
Lauren (8th period on Th., 12/1. Meet in room B135)

2:45-3:15 – Team Meeting
3:15-3:45 –
3:45-4:15 –

2:45-3:15 –
3:15-3:45 –
3:45-4:15 –

2:45-3:15- Teacher Meeting
[No Rehearsals]

2:45-3:15 –
3:15-3:45 –

[No Rehearsals, get ready for tournament — Everyone meets in C100]

7 Responses to “La Scola: Week of 11/28-12/2”

  1. Emily Perlstein says:

    Thursday 2:45-3:15

  2. Joy Dhar says:

    Tuesday 2:45-3:15

  3. Zi-Yi Choo says:

    Monday 3:15 – 3:45

  4. Ariana Beattie says:

    Tuesday 3:15-3:45

  5. Kaveri Sharma says:

    Hi Lascola, My computer isn’t letting me access the current version of the site, so I know there are two comments above me, however, I can’t read them. So, I would like a slot on Tuesday or Thursday. Any time. If those are taken then Monday anytime.


  6. Kaveri Sharma says:

    i can see now! miracle! Last slot on Tuesday, and last slot Thursday please!

  7. Meha Patel says:

    Monday 3:45-4:15