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Hotel Rooms for State

For those attending the State tournament, please read this carefully!

We are currently scheduled to stay at the Holiday Inn Peoria City Centre.

There will be 8 hotel rooms available for those joining us. I need to know if you have room-sharing preferences! (*Ahem* Boys will stay with boys; girls will stay with girls)

Here’s my current list of who’s coming with us:

Room 1
1) Joey Kim
2) Aaron Gatdula
3) Derrek Chung
4) Kevin Hill
*5) Albert Leung

Room 2
1) Julia Rabin
2) Joy Dhar
3) Kaveri Sharma
4) Kelsey Sante

Room 3
1) Myna Sharma
2) Tammy Li
3) Abby Hanneman
4) Lauren Kindstrand

Room 4
1) Christie Jeung
2) Katelyn Haas
3) Yoomna Rahim
4) Ashley Czufin

Room 5
1) Ariana Beattie
3) Katelyn Casey
4) Avery Stephenson

Room 6
1) Evangeline Van
2) Erin Schoch
3) Hannah Krusinger
4) Monique Brigham

Room 7
1) Erin Lin
2) Courtney Ross
3) Emily Perlstein
4) Neha Nigam

14 Responses to “Hotel Rooms for State”

  1. Tammy Li says:

    Room 3?
    Lauren Kindstrand
    Abby Hanneman
    Tammy Li
    Myna Sharma

  2. Ashley Czufin says:

    Ashley Czufin
    Yoomna Rahim
    Katelyn Haas

  3. Katelyn Casey says:

    Avery stephenson
    Katelyn casey
    Meha patel
    Ariana beattie

  4. Derrek Chung says:

    I.ll room with Joey and Aaron…

  5. Kevin Hill says:

    Ill go in with joey aaron and derrek..

  6. Ariana Beattie says:

    Actually, its just Katelyn Casey, Avery Stephenson, and Ariana Beattie. Meha can’t come.

  7. Stephanie Sommers says:

    room 2 with julia, joy, and kaveri

  8. Kelsey Sante says:

    room 2

  9. monique brigham says:

    Room 4
    Hannah k
    Erin s
    Possibly (evangeline v???)

  10. Stephanie Sommers says:

    actually i dont think im able to go anymore, so i dont need a room

  11. Mehta says:


  12. Derrek Chung says:

    Wait… Room 1 is a 5 person room?

  13. Mehta says:

    Derrek — We’ll work out those details when we get there! Right now, I’m putting you in that room because we only have 11 rooms. If we need to rearrange some things, we will.

  14. Derrek Chung says:

    Okay… I was just wondering cause I gotz to get food for me room…