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Since some of you have asked what time you (or others) will be performing, a tentative schedule is below. We will start around 6:00p and try to keep downtime low! You can try to approximate the time for your performance, but you all know how schedules like this must be flexible. Let me know if there are any problems.

DDA – Joey Kim & Julia Rabin
OO – Malavica Sridhar
HI – Kelsey Sante
ES – Neha Nigam
IS – Lauren Kindstrand
PO – Aaron Gatdula
HDA – Kaveri Sharma & George Luke
RS – Caroline Dusenberry
PR – Julia Rabin
DI – Joey Kim
INF – Joy Dhar
OC – George Luke
OD – Kelsey Sante
SOS – Kaveri Sharma
Performance in the Round

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