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Blanchard – Jan. 19-20

Hi all,
We’ve got a short week this week – no school Monday, DGS on Friday, and the return of grad school for me! Unfortunately, this means that my time is rather limited this week and I’m only available to help a few people. If you’re not rehearsing with me, you should still meet with your categories and continue to rehearse on your own (but don’t overdo it… you know who you are). If you are rehearsing with me, please bring your scripts and your critiques!

People meeting with me this week:
Kelsey Sante – PO (probably Wed., if that works for you)
George Luke – OC (probably Thurs.?)
George Luke and Kaveri Sharma – HDA (probably Thurs.?)

**Plan to stay for awhile… these are rough estimates right now, I want to be able to get through your entire pieces**

Monday 1/17
No school

Tuesday 1/18
No rehearsals – grad school

Wednesday 1/19
3:30-5:30 Kelsey PO

Thursday 1/20
3:30-5:30 Kaveri & George HDA
5:30-7:30 George OC

Friday 1/21
DGS Tournament

3 Responses to “Blanchard – Jan. 19-20”

  1. Kaveri Sharma says:

    thurs 330 t

  2. George Luke says:

    Thurs 5:30-7:30 OC

  3. Kelsey Sante says:

    wednesday 3:30- 5:00