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Due to Final Exams happening later this week, I will only see my three categories as groups as listed below. If you have a conflict due to finals or because of another category rehearsing at the same time, please email at my school account, michelle_lascola@ipsd.org, and let me know ASAP!  Thanks.

Bring your critiques from this past weekend of competition as well.

Monday – 12/13
2:45-3:15 [Team Meeting]
3:15-4:45 – Impromptu

Tuesday – 12/14
2:45-4:30 – Radio in B110 Computer Lab

Wednesday – 12/15
3:15-4:45 – SOS

Thursday – 12/16
No rehearsals (Final Exam study time)

Friday – 12/17
No rehearsals (Final Exam study time)

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