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Hope Thanksgiving was good for all of you! With the big Neuqua tournament this Saturday, we are meeting only as teams this week. Radio — You will need to help me A LOT on Friday with setting up all the equipment we will use for Saturday. This is more of a heads up for the new radio members!

For the rest of the categories, Mehta will have a master list and everyone will be assigned sections of the building to set up for Saturday. It will be a busy week!

Monday – 11/29
2:45-3:15 [Team Meeting]
3:15-4:45 – INFO

Tuesday – 11/30
2:45-4:30 – RADIO in B110 Computer Lab

Wednesday – 12/1
3:15-4:45 – SOS

Thursday 12/2
No rehearsals

Friday 12/3
Tournament set-up

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