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Speech Camp Info!

If you were hesitant to join the State-hosting Neuqua Valley Speech Camp, fearing that it was too late to sign up, have no fear!

There is still room for Speechies for the Neuqua Valley Speech Camp!

For both novices and returning members, you will learn the general aspects of public speaking as well as the finer points of one of the 14 categories that you have chosen. Work, connect, and learn from the team coaches and captains to get the inside knowledge of public speaking.

From the research-based public address categories to the quick-thinking limited preparation categories, from the serious, dramatic acting to humorous, comedic acting, you will choose which of the 14 categories that fits you personally to master!

From Mon, Aug. 9th to Fri, Aug. 13th.  8 am~11am. $175 @ Neuqua Valley High School.

For the info packet/enrollment/questions, please contact one of the captains or Mr. Mehta, the head coach, as listed in contact info.

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