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Announcements Jan 11-15

First off, I cannot express how incredibly proud of you I am! The babies dominated the tournament the entire time, and they were up against 19 other teams, most of who were varsity teams. As well, with a code from the head coach at GBW, I was able to creep and watch our Varisty member. Up until the last few ranks that came in, we were in first place, only to be overtaken by the last ranks of those from Wheaton North. With such incredibly  hard competition, I am so pleased with how you did!

A special shout out goes to our champions: Joey Kim and Anna Gatdula, George Luke, Joy Dhar, and Sophie Luo.

I also want to give a shout out to Abbi Hanneman who took straight 1’s in prelims and Janelle Brooks who placed for the first time.

But my geek of the week goes out Mike Westrom, who stepped up and offered to participate in a category that was missing a competitor. That shows dedication and willingness to do what it takes to help the team. Thanks so much Mike!


Please pay attention to ALL details to make sure that you do things correctly.

1) Rehearsals this week will be Monday through Friday. Please make sure that you DO NOT sign up for rehearsals where there are breaks. Meaning, please fill in the earliest slot.

2) I have listed the tentative cast of PIR. For those of you who expressed interest, I did not give you individual rehearals this week. This is because you are to meet with Freidhof immediately after school on Monday, and please plan to stay after everyday to begin reading and blocking.

*** If you are cast and do NOT wish to be in PIR, please notify me immediately. You will still receive a rehearals this week (which is why I gave you a slot if you did not express interest).

If you have been listed as PIR, ARE interested, and have been given a slot, please DO NOT sign up for rehearals with a coach.

3) Please remember PIR, you WILL STILL be competing in you event this week. We are just giving your rehearsal time towards PIR.

4) If you are not going to be competiting this weekend, and you were given a rehearsal time, please email your designated coach and DO NOT sign up for a rehearsal time.

5) If you do not sign up correctly, you will lose your time this week, so please make sure to double check information.


Thanks so much!

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