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Hey all!

As we wind down from our mini-break, it’s time to start thinking tournament and Winter Break mode.

Tournament This week


As the coaches are very busy preparing for around 30 schools to descend upon us on Saturday, we will only be having double rehearsals with a few members. I’m trying to keep the rotation fair, so BE SURE TO CHECK THE SCHEMATIC BEFORE signing up. You may have a different coach and different number this week. If there is a problem, please DO NOT sign up. Contact a coach. Posting that there’s a problem 15 times will not get anything solved, and coaches don’t have the space for mix-ups.

BABIES:  You MUST bring critiques from your tournament to rehearsals, or you will be turned away!


Those who are not attending will not be getting rehearsals this week; however, make sure to keep working! This isn’t a punishment. We are merely trying to conserve space in such a busy week.

If you have conflicts, please be sure to contact me. I know a lot of people have Crystal and Y&G. I believe for Crystal, you can still help us out directly after school, as your call time isn’t until 5 or so. I promise, you won’t be here that long for set-up. Either way, contact me again, so I can make sure my list is updated.


 Meet in B104 at 2:45 on Friday for instructions. You will be teamed off based on your category, and the main thing we need to get done is rooms. After rooms and cafeterias are done, we will release a large part of the team, and the remaining folk will help stuff registration packets. I anticipate us getting our by 5-6. Again, if you contact me, you will be allowed to leave, but CHECK OUT with a coach. Don’t just leave.


Thanks to Mehta for putting up our picture! It’s so cute!

I promise (as I always do…but then you wait) point board will be up soon.

Last week, captains picked a Geek of the Week. I would like to announce my geek of the week: JANELLE BROOKS… On her very first tournament, she actually biked all the way to school at 4:30 in the morning. THAT’S dedication! Sorry captains, but I win!

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. I anticipate your rest and relaxation this weekend will give you some new energy in your pieces!

Mama C

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