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Hey all!

I just have to say, I am so incredibly proud and thankful of you all. What a fantastic way to head into the short holiday break and show what our full team is capable of! We had multiple babies break into novice finals, and several varsity members showing in finals as well. In fact, our varsity members were a mere 5 points. I believe that this comes down to the hard work and dedication of both the varsity and jv teams.

Varsity, thank you for stepping up and taking the time to teach the younger members what the coaches usually have to teach. For that, we are so thankful, because we were able to use every minute in preparation of a tournament that comes a good two weeks before new members usually compete!

JV, thank you for taking the extra rehearsals, working through the overwhelming frantic pace of trying to get ready in a short amount of time. I am so thankful, because this shows us that we can rely on those who are double entered and inexperienced. Believe me, I was concerned as to whether or not we’d be ready. And we were SO ready!

Coming this week, we will update with specific placements, first in rounds, and finally (and hopefully), the point board….I’m still trying to figure out how to get it up logistically.


Also, we DO NOT have rehearsals this week. However, we do have our Open House. Please remember that this is a mandatory meeting and is part of the four pillars. Some gave me conflicts on their sheets, but keep up the communication! I know that every year, our members have a wonderful time eating, enjoying eachother’s performances, and showing our parents what it is we actually do.

Please be in B104 after school AT 5:30 for a meeting. Please also remember that every category is to bring specific snacks. Please check out the flyer to see which snack you should bring. And finally, PLEASE invite your family. You’ve gone out to a tourney, you’ve all had success, because you are doing something that a large majority of America is too scared to do — communicate in front of an audience. Take this time to show it to the ones you love.

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