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Remember for this Weekend

Hey All!

Just some things to remember for this weekend!

  • Bring a copy of your script just in case
  • Bring a writing utensil
  • Bring water
  • Sleep the night before
  • Be on time for the bus

For those JV going out to their first tournament of the season good luck! Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that every round counts! So if you think you did bad one round don’t carry that negative energy throughout the day, stay positive and remember that you’ve all worked very hard to get where you are and will continue to grow throughout the season.

Note: If you have to get in contact with a coach or have any questions tomorrow or any other day contact one of the captains at either our e-mail (nvspeech09@yahoo.com) or by phone an e-mail was sent with the numbers of all 4 of us.

Good Luck Tomorrow! And Don’t forget to remind your parents and relatives about Open House on Monday!

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