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Carreno Nov 16-20

Hey all!  Please keep in mind that your number and coach may have changed this week! If you do not have your health forms and fees in by Friday, you will not be attending the tournament on Saturday. As well, remind your parents to keep their calendar open for a week from Monday (Nov 23rd), as it is our annual Open House is on that night.












NO REHEARSALS (I’m helping with THE WIZ auditions)















34 Responses to “Carreno Nov 16-20”

  1. Sophie Luo says:

    I’m not sure if I have 1 or 2 rehearsals, but in case I have 2, I’ll do Monday 3:15-3:45 and 3:45-4:15. If I have one, I’ll just take the 3:15-3:45 slot. Thanks!

  2. Brooke Schuster says:

    I’m not sure who I have rehearsals because the list isn’t posted for it!

  3. Karlee Lines says:

    Karlee and Elissa will take (DDA)
    Monday 2:45-3:15
    Friday 2:45-3:15

  4. Brooke Schuster says:

    Prose Reading
    monday 3:45

  5. Hannah Krusinger says:

    Yeah, the rehearsal list isn’t posted…

  6. Brooke Schuster says:

    wait I mean Monday at 4:15

  7. Abby Hanneman/Michelle says:

    Can we have Tuesday at 3:15? Thanks!

  8. Brooke Schuster says:

    I have to leave and wouldnt be home until later today! So, I’m taking Sophie’s example and signing up. I will have monday at 4:15 and Tuesday at 2:45.

  9. Julia Rabin says:

    The schematic isn’t up so…Tuesday at 4:15, please.

  10. Monique Brigham says:

    Michael Coduto and Monique Brigham
    if we need one —Friday and 4:15-4:45
    and if we need 2 —- that one and Friday4:45 -5:15
    i didnt know how many we needed so i was prepared for both lol

  11. Joy Dhar says:

    I believe you said (yesterday) that jv members would be having two rehearsals this week. If so, I will take (please & thankyou)
    Tuesday: 3:45-415
    Friday: 3:15-3:45

  12. Joy Dhar says:

    If there I require only one rehearsal, then
    Friday: 3:15-3:45 please

  13. Evangeline Van says:

    Van/Lorenzo DDA
    Tuesday 3:15 -3:45
    Thursday 3:15 – 3:45

  14. Evangeline Van says:

    wait tuesdays taken
    we’ll have 2:45 -3:15

  15. Abby Hanneman/Michelle says:

    If we need two rehearsals also… can we please have thursday 2:45?

  16. Rachel Raymond says:

    so I think the next available one is 3:45 thursday so I’ll take that if thats taken I’ll take the 4:15 one

  17. Elissa Rabin says:

    Sorry about the confusion…Karlee and Elissa will just take Monday at 2:45-3:15! thanks!

  18. Angela Wang says:

    Monday 5:15-5:45
    Friday 4:15-4:45

  19. Brooke Schuster says:

    sorry…I’ll just take Tuesday at 2:45-3:15! thanks!

  20. Angela Wang says:

    oops i wrote it wrong…
    Monday 3:45-4:15
    Friday 3:45-4:15

  21. Jenny Lee says:

    Can I have Thursday 4:45-5:15?

  22. Abby Hanneman/michelle says:

    Ok, sorry we have a category rehearsal with Joey at 3:15 on Tuesday.
    Julia, could we switch with you for tuesday? You can have our 3:15…

  23. Michelle Caballero says:

    Julia Rabin is switching with Caballero/Hanneman.
    Julia Rabin is now 3:15-3:45
    Caballero/Hanneman is 4:15-4:45


  24. Michelle Caballero says:

    Tuesday i mean!!

  25. Evangeline Van says:

    ok Van/Lorenzo only need 1 this week so we’ll take tuesday at 2:45-3:15

  26. Jesse Goddard says:

    Jesse Goddard- Prose
    Thursday 5:15
    Friday 2:15
    Thankyou! 🙂

  27. Evangeline Van says:

    ok i looks like tuesday is taken so Van/Lorenzo monday 4:15-4:45

  28. Rachel Feddor says:

    Friday 4:45 please!

  29. Armita Manafzadeh says:

    Well I just got home and all that seems to be left, after spending 15 minutes making a giant spreadsheet, and seeing who actually is having rehearsals and when they said two and meant one and ahh and there seems to be only one left on Thursday at 5:15. So I’m going to take that. But I need two rehearsals this week. Help? Is there anything else available that I’m missing?

  30. Armita Manafzadeh says:

    And there may also be a 3:15 on Thursday available….if Mary’s DDA doesn’t still have that spot. I’ll take that if it’s available….but that puts both of mine on the same day. So if anyone would like to switch with Thursday at 5:15?

  31. Armita Manafzadeh says:

    I just spoke to Mary, Thursday at 3:15 is available, so I’ll have that and Thursday at 5:15. Would anyone be willing to switch with either of those times?

  32. Rachel Feddor says:

    okay, i signed up for the 4:45 slot on friday, but thats taken, is the 4:15 slot for thursday taken? because if it isnt i will take it! thanks!

  33. Armita Manafzadeh says:

    okay….. forget everything i said. joy only needs one with carreno, so i’ll take the tuesday at 3:45 that she no longer needs, and friday at 2:45 seems open, so i’ll take that as well. therefore: thursday at 3:15 and thursday at 5:15 are both open. sorry about that.

  34. Jenny Lee says:

    Hi, I just realized that I need two rehearsals with Carreno this week, and the only other open spot that I could work with is Thursday at 5:15, so I would have a block rehearsal [because my other one is Thursday at 4:45-5:15]. Is that okay?