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Category Rehearsals

This week, the goals for each category are the same. Please make sure to get each member to sign in and report it back to Carreno to make sure that every member receives rehearsal points.

Logistics of a Tournament

  • Schematics (what they are; how to read them)
  • How to fill out a critique (what they look like; how to fill them out; who to give them to; why there are 3 of them)
  • Etiquette (double entries; how order of performance is determined; not revealing code; being good audience member)
  • Dress (appropriateness; what to and not to wear)
  • Awards ceremony (standing; waiting by the stage; appearance; classy cheering)


Fees and health forms are due this week, or else you may not attend the tournament.

A week from this Monday, Nov 23rd, is our annual Open House (one of the required team meetings). It’s the opportunity for your family to come and see what exactly it is you do on those Saturdays when you’re crazy enough to wake up and sacrifice your entire day. Tell them to save the date! Communicate with Carreno if there is a conflict.

Congrats to our nine finalists from Wheaton North! 

Elissa Rabin (2nd DI); Sophie Luo (2nd ES); Kelsey Sante (6th HI); Kristen Bronersky (7th HI); Rachel Raymond (2nd IS); Brooke Schuster (5th PR); Julia Rabin (7th PR); Henna Ismail (6th IS); Kaveri Sharma (7th SOS)

and our Tournament champion in OC: Sam Ide!!!

Congrats Team Cream, taking home a trophy for 6th place with 182 points

 and kudos to Team Brown, placing 12th out of 61 teams with 170 points

Thanks to all the babies who attended to watch today!!!

Abigail Hanneman, Joy Dhar, Jessica Wang, Hannah Wong; Hannah Krusinger, Rebecca Hamilton, Armita Manafzadeh, Angela Wang, Jessica Wolfe, Emily Perlstein, and Courtney Ross

Keep your eyes on the site. Coming soon, you will be able to access the point board, and we will be updating first in the round.


In one night, he picked up a Poetry piece, grabbed a book, and somehow managed to take a 3/3/1, which gave the team a significant amount of points towards team total. Talk about dedication!

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