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Mehta: Jan 27 – 31

Hi all — I need the following people to sign up:

Myna Sharma (SOS)**
Avery Stephenson (DI)**
Catherine Parello (HI)**
Ariana Beattie (PR)**

***Make sure you bring scripts and critiques with you!***


2:45 – 3:15 [Team meeting]

No practices scheduled just in case school is canceled.


2:45 – ???


2:30 – 3:00 [Teacher meetings]
3:00 – ???


2:45 – ???


2:45 – ???

7 Responses to “Mehta: Jan 27 – 31”

  1. Catherine Parello says:

    Wednesday 3:00

  2. Avery Stephenson says:

    Tuesday, thanks!

  3. Ariana Beattie says:


  4. Mehta says:

    Avery — Let’s try to reschedule for Thursday

  5. Meghedi Tamazian says:

    I know I’m not scheduled to rehearse with you but due to a plethora of scheduling conflicts, I am unable to meet after school any day except Wednesday. Pontarelli is meeting with Atlas then and LaScola isn’t scheduling practices. Would it be possible to squeeze a quick 15-20 minute rehearsal in before Catherine’s, please? If not, that’s cool. I’m sorry this is so last-minute.

  6. Myna Sharma says:


  7. Myna Sharma says:

    OH WAIT SORRY. Ariana and I have to switch Thursday and Friday