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If you’re new to the team, you should come to ONE of the following informational meetings!

2:30p, Monday, September 9, in the Main Campus (C202)

2:30p, Tuesday, September 10, in the Birkett Center (Forum Room)

Auditions will take place for Varsity members on Wednesday, Sep. 11 (starting at 3:00p) in B223.

Auditions will take place for New members on Wednesday, Sep. 11 (starting at 5:00p) or Thursday, Sep. 12 (starting at 2:45p) in B223. All new members can sign up for audition slots right here.

Everyone will need to read the audition packet and fill out The Form! All of that information can be found here.

If you’re wondering what you may be reading during auditions, that packet can be found right here. (You don’t need to memorize this. We’re only posting this so you’re not surprised at auditions!)

We will post the new team members on this site by Friday night, Sep. 13.

If you’re unable to make it to the audition date, or you have any other questions, please contact Coach Mehta.

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For anyone interested in attending the Neuqua Valley Speech Team Summer Camp, all the information you need is below!

The camp is for current team members, incoming freshmen, and anyone else in high school interested in learning more about public speaking.

Important things to note:

  • The camp will take place August 5-9 from 8:00-11:00a each day
  • We will have separate tracks for new and returning campers so that everyone is working on the skills that will most benefit them
  • The cost is $175 and all checks should be made out to Wildcat Speech. (Students will bring the check to Camp on the first day.)
  • Your participation in this Summer Camp does not automatically guarantee you a spot on the 2019-20 Neuqua Valley Speech Team. It will, however, make you a better public speaker, and that is a skill you’ll be able to use on and off the team!

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this form as soon as possible! (We’ll be in touch with you at the end of July with more details.)

If you have any other questions, let Coach Mehta know.

Can’t wait to see you in the fall!

The Video from Banquet

This year we are changing the banquet format in order to cut down on time. Last year the banquet ran four hours, which is rough on parents as well as students on a school night.

In order to save time, we are no longer going to have category leaders speak about each individual member in their event. Instead, we are going to have category leaders write something nice about each person in their event (100 words MAX). Send your blurbs to Ms. McQuaid @ tegan_mcquaid@ipsd.org by Friday, March 1st.

We are going to compile what everyone sends us in a pamphlet. Everyone will receive a pamphlet at the banquet, and it will be a nice keepsake to look back on in the future. Please email Ms. McQuaid if you have any questions!

If you are interested in applying for Team captain, you must fill out this form and turn it in to Sparkman (in B100) by Monday, Feb 25th.

Only current sophomores and juniors are allowed to apply.

The Speech Banquet will take place at Tamarack Golf Club on Wednesday, March 6th starting at 5:30p (ending around 8:30p). We know some people may have conflicts but that’s unavoidable after the season ends. We hope you can make it!

Your family and friends are invited to join us, too!

The cost is $14/person (to cover dinner) and all checks should be made out to “Wildcat Speech.”

Please give all checks to Sparkman (in B100) by Friday, March 1st.

Here are the videos from the Sectional run-through. These videos are only for your personal use, to send to family and friends. They are not listed in the YouTube directory and you can only watch them if you have the links.

I ask that you don’t submit them to other “speech” websites. (You know what I mean…)


DDA — Kylie Pickering and Kenzie Alberts
DI — Hope Seidman
ES — Arya Nalluri (3rd in State)
HDA — Shay Saha and Griffin Fitzpatrick
HI — Max Corso (3rd in State)
Info — Megan Wu
IS — Sarina Tajuddin (6th in State)
OD — Apurva Chaturvedi
OC — Max Corso
OO — Aniruth Senthilkumar
Poe — Arneet Gurtatta (State Champion)
PR — Neel Pai
RS — Apurva Chaturvedi
SOS — Neel Pai
Performance in the Round

Information About State

The website is working now.

Details about State are here. (You should already have this.)

For those leaving on Friday morning, please be ready to go in the auditorium lobby at 7:15a. You may want to bring about $60 for food along with any snacks you may want. We’ll go out to dinner as a team on Friday night, but the other meals will be up to you at (or nearby) the Peoria Civic Center.

Remember that we have the Sectionals run-through on Thursday night at 6:00p in the Main building’s Forum Room in C202! (This is a change from earlier!)

Here is the information you need for Sectionals!

The tournament is at Metea Valley H.S.

Bus leaves at 6:45a. Be there early!

We should be back by 8:00p.

1) The Regional run-through will take place on Thursday after school in the Main Forum room (C202)… unless school is canceled, in which case we’ll send a message through Remind. (Update: THIS HAS BEEN CANCELED!)

2) You should arrive at Neuqua by 6:30a on Saturday. Because we have to clean up afterwards, don’t expect to be finished until 8:00p.

3) Please bring the following to the tournament:

DI – Water (24-pack of 16 oz. bottles)
DDA – Water (24-pack of 16 oz. bottles)
EXT – Water (24-pack of 16 oz. bottles)
HDA – Pepsi (24-pack of 12 oz. cans)
HI – Diet Coke (24-pack of 12 oz. cans)
IMP – Coke (24-pack of 12 oz. cans)
OC – Sprite (24-pack of 12 oz. cans)
DEC – Chips (Lays Classic Mix, 20-pack of 1 oz. bags)
OO – Chips (Lays Classic Mix, 20-pack of 1 oz. bags)
RADIO – 1 bunch of bananas
PR – 1-3 lbs. bag of Cuties
SOS – Chips (Lays Classic Mix, 20-pack of 1 oz. bags)
POETRY – Napkins (package)
INFO – Paper plates (package)​

All Category Leaders – Paper plates

Please bring the items to the cafeteria to Ms. Sparkman first thing Saturday morning.

4) If your parents can volunteer to help with concessions, please have them fill out this form!

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